Travel Packing List

Travel Packing List (and some of my favorite travel items!)

Every time we travel, I feel like I need to rebuild my travel packing list!  I started use an app to track everything we typically forget, but for each trip it is something different, and it might be something small like a ponytail holder!  That makes it hard, because the travel list needs to be never-ending!

I figured I’d use this page to help remind myself (and possibly give you ideas) of what to bring!

Side note:  We don’t have kids yet, so I’m not going to list clothes/toys/diapers and all that jazz!

  • IDs Driver’s license, passport, & military ID. Make a photocopy to keep elsewhere too.

To help stay organized, consider purchasing an RFID blocking ID organizer. I prefer one that zips closed and has a wrist band to connect to the inside of my bag so it’s more difficult to snatch.

Also use to keep track of multiple passports, such as for your family.

  • Leave Orders (If you’re military overseas, you need your printed out leave orders!)
  • Plane, hotel, cruise, etc. confirmation numbers or documents (or save them to your smartphone before leaving your cellular connection/wifi)
  • Download the app for your airline!  (I just learned this the hard way on a 13+ hour flight!  As of Fall 2015, if the airline you’re on doesn’t have built-in TVs that are working, you can access movies on their wifi (if that’s working), but most of the movies will only play if you have their app, and no, you can’t download it using their wifi unless you pay for the wifi service!)
  • Priority Pass or airline club access membership cards
  • Money (cash, credit card (I usually bring 2 just in case), debit card)
  • Money belt (My husband hates wearing one, but in certain countries it will allow you to enjoy sightseeing without the fear of being pick-pocketed!)  There are slim versions like this, and it features RFID blocking so criminals can’t “scan” your information:

    • Travel purse (I don’t bring a fancy bag, I think practical is better. I love a cross-body purse, that I can hang in front of me at night, and one with multiple pockets and a water bottle holder is a plus! This one is slash proof and durable!)

  • Small notepad and pen (and journal if you’re into that)
  • Business cards
  • Guidebook, map, or directions Or download offline maps on your smartphone before leaving home. (You at least to get you to your hotel or primary destination!  Once you’re there, you can ask the concierge or find free maps, but I even try to look up those directions before leaving.)
  • Day pack or backpack A simple drawstring backpack is often useful, and very easy to pack. (I like one with a separate zipper front section for smaller items and to keep things separated.) Or use a more sturdy backpack, depending on where you are going and what you need to carry. (Usually this is part of our luggage anyway. We typically have a small carry-on and a backpack as our “purse,” and I pack my actual purse inside of it.)


  • Toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, soap, face wash, toothpaste, tooth brush, hair brush, comb, razor, electric shaver, shaving cream, sewing kit, tissues, hand wipes, etc.)
  • Hair accessories (ponytail holders, bobby pins, etc. or if you don’t like the one in the hotel, a blow dryer, curling iron, etc.)
  • Make up
  • Jewelry (I bring a few pieces that match everything, and nothing too expensive! No need to spend vacation worrying about your valuables.)
  • Medications (prescription pills and things like Tylenol/Advil, melatonin, or dramamine)
  • First Aid (For me, it’s primarily bandaids for any blisters!  Made that mistake once and had to spend almost 4x more on bandaids.)
  • Sunglasses (and if you have contacts or regular glasses too)
  • Sealable plastic baggies (to put liquids in on the plane or for leftover food or packing a picnic)
  • Laundry soap
  • Wrist watch
  • Running pouch Even if you don’t run, this is a great way to carry something small on your wrist to hold your ID and room key. 
  • Ear plugs
  • Cell phone with charger
  • Camera with charger and memory cards
  • Tablet or laptop with charger
  • Plug adapters
  • Multi-Outlet Surge Protector (Especially helpful for charing electronics in the airport when all of the outlets are taken!)
  • Suntan lotion or insect repellent
  • Duct tape (incase something breaks or gets a hole!)
  • Lock
  • Tops (Depending on how many days you’re going, I try to wear items twice or more if we’ll have access to laundry.)
  • Pants/shorts (Probably only need 2-3 pairs; one lightweight, one jeans, one shorts, etc. depending on how many days and where you are going!)
  • Sweaters/sweatshirt
  • Jacket/fleece (water-resistant windbreaker if you’re going somewhere warm)
  • Tie or scarf (scarf required for many temples/churches, but some require sweaters or sleeves)
  • Swim suit(s)
  • Pajamas/loungewear (I usually wear workout clothes so if I need to run down to the lobby I can.)
  • Underwear
  • Socks
  • Bras and sportsbras
  • Workout tops
  • Workout shorts
  • Running shoes (I usually wear these on the plane because they’re bulkier.)
  • Shoes (After traveling to over 10 Asian countries and over 20 cities, I finally found one of my favorite traveling shoes! I can’t believe it took so long!  I tried slip-on sneakers, dressier sneakers, Sperry boat shoes, flip flops, fancy sandals…nothing was perfect; but then again, what is comfortable after walking 5-18 miles per day?  (True story, I wore sandals around Beijing not realizing we’d be walking 18+ miles in 1 day! My feet actually didn’t hurt that bad until the last stop.)  Anyway, after our most recent trip, I now own 4 different versions of Croc sandals!  I never bought Crocs before in my life, but these are pretty comfortable, they’re easy to wash off (especially after all of the dust from sightseeing Angkor Wat in Cambodia), they’re light, and they go with dresses too!)


  • Luggage scale (After having both, I like the digital version much better. This is very helpful when you’re traveling on budget airlines!)

 So that’s my travel packing list!

What’s the #1 thing you forget to bring or wish you had when you travel?

Update January 2016 – I just came across this fun blog (A Little Adrift) from a lady (Shannon) who traveled the world, and she shared a wonderful packing list.

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