Vietnam and Cambodia

Here’s what we did in Vietnam and Cambodia!

As of 2015, this trip to Vietnam & Cambodia has been my favorite travel adventure in Asia!  Keep reading to hear about our amazing experiences in Vietnam and Cambodia!

Dates of Travel: 23 July – 4 August

It was hard to decide how many days to spend visiting each city in Vietnam and Cambodia, but after reading about the countries, comparing prices for flights, and talking to friends, we decided to take a 13 day (11 hotel nights, 1 night in the airport) adventure to Hanoi, Hoi An, Siem Reap, and Ho Chi Minh!  (It was not as hot as we expected for being summer time, but that was thanks to the cloud coverage.  If you want sunny pictures of Halong Bay or the sunrise/sunset at Angkor Wat, this probably is not the best season to go.)  Similar to our Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia trip, we traveled as light as possible since we had a few budget airline flights to take between cities.

Visa:  As of 2015, U.S. citizens need a visa for both Vietnam and Cambodia.  (Always check with the embassy before leaving to see if the rules have since been updated!)

For Vietnam, we used to purchase the visas online at least 48 hours in advance (you can pay a rush fee if it’s within 48 hours).  It’s pretty simple, but you need to bring money for the stamping fee and 2 passport sized photos.

For Cambodia, you can either do it at the airport (visa on arrival) to save a few dollars, or do it online in advance (  I think it’s $7 more online.  We decided to do it online just to be safe.  That way we know we aren’t denied into the country and we don’t have to wait in any lines.  (I’ve heard the on arrival visa is easy and fast too.)


I’ve seen many questions about how much to expect this type of trip to cost.  I do a lot of research on flights and hotels starting months prior to our trips, looking at flights for numerous dates throughout the year.  I think I found some decent prices.  Usually I keep our personal finances private, but I think it’s beneficial to share vacation expenses because airlines and hotels charge various prices throughout the year.  Hopefully this will help you determine if you found a good price or if you’re getting ripped off!

Vietnam & Cambodia Expenses

Vietnam & Cambodia Expenses

During this trip, I was so excited to test out my new “travel shoes.”  I am happy to say that I had no problems with blisters or comfort!  I never thought I’d own a pair of Crocs, but now I own 4!  (They’re not the traditional look, they’re actually somewhat fashionable!)

Hopefully this helps you plan your next trip or learn more about the world and the wonderful cultures in Vietnam and Cambodia!

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