Travel Planning

Are you ready to plan your next trip?  

There’s a lot to think about in order to prepare for an amazing vacation!

Sure, you can be “laid back” and “go with the flow,” but what happens when you plan 4 days in Hanoi and one of the main tourist attractions happens to be closed on Fridays and Mondays, but Saturday & Sunday you’re already taking an overnight trip to Halong Bay?  TRUE STORY!  I thought I was prepared, but I was shocked that Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum is closed two days, and those two days happen to be Friday and Monday, not the weekend, not two days in a row, but two random days.  What are the chances that the 2 days we pick both align to be those same two days?!  Travel planning is crucial so that you have the best possible trip, so that you can RELAX and enjoy the vacation that worked hard to planning and pay for, and so that you don’t have any regrets when leaving the city!

Here are a few travel planning resources, my bucket list, and a packing list to help you out!

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